From funny memes to beautiful photos to compelling IG Stories and IG Live Sessions with infleuncers and brands alike, it is no surprise that the Instagram platform is more popular than ever, and marketing using Instagram continues to grow too. The IGTV app itself has over 400M active daily users, which creates an important chance for social media marketers who are looking to tackle the power of IGTV and live video moving forward.

IGTV  is the abbreviation of Instagram TV. IGTV is a feature within the Instagram app itself, but a standalone app is also available for it. IGTV is the answer of Instagram to YouTube as they are betting on users. Probably you are wondering how Instagram Live and IGTV differ. There are few key differences, while on the surface, they look similar: like regular Televisions (TV), Instagram TV has channels that you can tune into. These channels are joined to a particular account of Instagram, and at any time, you can import them from the Instagram TV application.

If you open the IGTV on the Instagram app, then the name of the brand and the info of the account are displayed prominently, and you can clearly see the title of the video. One can easily buy Instagram TV comments for their videos without any difficulty.


The Instagram Live videos are being shot as it is being streamed, truly it is life as also it displays and encourages the participation of the audiences. Users can see comments on the video in real-time. The primary difference is that once the Live video is posted on Instagram, it is only available for twenty-four hours on the app, and it is not able to be saved anywhere or archived, even on a brand page. You will see the comments displayed live on the IG Live screen, and then if someone likes the post in real-time, you can see the colored hearts.


The IGTV videos are professionally filmed and uploaded to the Instagram TV channel at a time that is convenient for the user. It is very easy to see the quality difference from a Live video to IGTV. Buying real Instagram TV likes is considered one of the social media marketing strategies. They are the main IG application’s dissimilar features, but both values are pursued as a portion of your social media marketing strategy.


The growth of Instagram :

October 2010 – launch of the Instagram

February 2013 – 100M

March 2014 – 200M

December 2014 – 300M

September 2015 –  400M

June 2016 – 500M

December 2016 – 600M

April 2017 – 700M

September 2017 – 800M

June 2018 – 1B

  • Instagram has more than 500M active daily users.
  • Over 400M Instagram users use IG Stories every day.
  • Over 70 percent of the businesses based in the U.S. use Instagram.
  • Eighty percent of the IG users follow atleast one or more businesses on the platform.
  • There is a nearly even distribution of men and women who are active on IG.
  • The most active age ranges of IG account users are 35-44 and 18-34.

So from the above data, we can easily see that IG is one of the top-ranked social media platforms in the world. Facebook is the parent company of Instagram.