How To Promote Your Brand On IGTV:5 Terrific Ways

IGTV is a useful feature on Instagram, which is allowed to upload videos for up to 1 hour. IGTV is a long-form vertical platform launched by Instagram and is accessible only from Instagram. IGTV is an independent app, which is interconnected with the Instagram platform. You can notice many users, content creators, brands looking forward to using this platform. It is one of the best online video stages to create engaging videos. It is easy for marketers to share brand stories through this platform. Using IGTV, brands can gain lots of benefits to increase engagement, build brand awareness, and connect with their potential customers. 

In this article, let’s learn a few significant ways to use IGTV for brand promotion.  

Do Tutorials On How To Use Your Products 

Tutorial type of content is popular when it comes to brand promotion. Generally, tutorial content requires more than 15 seconds to deliver its message. Brands find it difficult to share all their information within 15 seconds. After the entry of IGTV, it’s effortless for the audience to create teaching videos. 

On the other hand, educating forms of videos are really useful to your audience. Makeup brands are creating makeup sessions, clothing brands are coming up with styling the outfits videos. Like relying on your brand or business, frame your content under this topic. Also, share more information about your industry, which influences your audience to engage with your brand. 

Create Q&A Sessions

Many people are showing more interest in sharing their opinions, feedbacks about your content or business. They like to be involved in everything, even in the making of your product. Actually, you can divide a Q & A session into two parts: one is for your product launch, in this session your audience will give suggestions, opinions regarding your product. And another session is to answer your audience question. Trust, it works well; moreover, it will bring lots of engagement and audience attention. This way, you can promote your brand among your audience. Keep in mind; all your answers must indirectly influence your brand. 

Post More Behind-The-Scenes 

Remember, to promote your brand, you don’t need polished, most edited, or scripted content. Moreover, polished content will make a brand seem fake. Did you know? Unfiltered model’s faces with no makeup, raw sounds, messy offices are quite effective. And those things are really worth it when it comes to brand promotion. 

Try to post more behind-the-scenes, which helps to gain more engagement rate. As a result, you will obtain instant engagement with IGTV comments and get more popularity. You can do behind-the-scenes on how your product is made, interacting with your colleagues, and any function and meetings. Always put your efforts into sharing something that makes the audience laugh and raise their eyebrows. 

Partner With An Influencers 

Already, influencing marketing is a big hit on Instagram. In IGTV also, you can partner with an influencer to get more exposure to your brand. You can host an interview with your influencer, like discussing your industry, field. On the other hand, you can ask funny, rapid-fire questions to make the session enjoyable. While choosing influencers, ensure they belong to your industry and enough engagement rate. 

Share User-Generated Content

Trust me, user-generated content is the most effective content to promote your brand among your audience. Moreover, it will generate trust and authenticity for your brand. So, encourage your audience to share their reviews on your product. 

Winding Up

IGTV will provide you with many effective ways to attract your potential audience to engage with your brands or products. Through IGTV, you can either entertain or educate your audience; both are possible. And able to build a strong community around your brand. I hope these tips will help with your brand promotion on IGTV. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.