More than 500M people on Instagram use their Instagram stories daily.  Now is the right time to increase your reach using Instagram stories.  Unlike regular Instagram posts, you can use Instagram stories to post videos and photos that vanish after twenty-four hours. This story format of Instagram allows you to share multiple videos and pictures in a kind of slideshow. These videos and photos disappear after twenty-four hours.    You can even add drawings, stickers, or text to them to give your stories a creative touch. 

At the top of your Instagram feed, stories appear. This is the place where you can find all the stories that famous Instagrammers or your friends have shared on Instagram within twenty-four hours. The profile picture on the particular account is marked with a colored ring whenever they add a new story to their profile.  Just tap on the user’s profile photo if you like to see their story. The Instagram story will be displayed in the sequence order from the older version to the newest version. Buying Instagram stories views will highly help you to grab attention and reach. Unlike regular posts, you cannot leave a comment or link stories. 


You need to swipe left briefly or tap on the camera icon in the top left corner to create your Instagram story. Once your camera is open, you can record a video as usual or take a photo. You can use a series of filters, emojis, or text. If you want to keep your stories after it disappears you can add them to your Instagram highlights. Stories that you are posting are stored in your archive later. If you want to add them to your Instagram highlights, you can add them. You can also retrieve your stories from the archive, so do not feel if your stories vanish after twenty-four hours. 


The playful touch of your Instagram stories is Instagram stickers, which lets you add context to your content. To add stickers to your stories, take a video or photo as usual and then tap on the smiley-like icon at the upper of your screen. Now a significant section of stickers will open, which you can use to indicate the place where you are at the time of the video or photo was taken, the current time, or the current weather. You can also enlarge, rotate or move your stickers by dragging them across the screen with two or one fingers and placing them in the correct position.

In order to ensure your stories can be discovered through search, you should always try to add a sticker “hashtags” to your Instagram stories. 


You can ask a question to your followers and share the results in a different post by using voting/polls stickers. To add a poll/ voting sticker to your story, you have to think of an exciting question and just adjust the options for voting.