Top 4 Instagram Reels Tips To Boost Brand Exposure

Instagram noticed that short form video content has more engagement and so it has launched a new feature called “Reels,” which is 15-30 seconds video clips with music, stickers, and AR effects. Reels provide one third place on the explore page, which helps to get your content in front of people, even those who aren’t following you.

Educate Your Target Audience

A quick step-by-step guide to do awesome things with your products can be really very good content to post to reels.  But it is not mandatory that such how- tos have to be about your product itself. Rather you can post simple videos related to your niche or brand. You could user the Q & A stickers in stories to gather questions and make a reel to answer these questions which is a more potential way to maximize Instagram Reels views for all further content rels you post to reels. 

Creating Reels To Stand Out

Observe how your competitor and other marketers use Instagram Reels. Here are some ideas for your business.

  • You’re using background music and AR effects to make Reels attractive, interesting, and engaging mini commercials.
  • Encourage the audience to interact with you in the comment section. Urge your visitors to share your video with their friends who could benefit from your Reel video or ask for their opinions.
  • Insert catchy captions and branded hashtags in the captions section.

Repurposing content

Reels are just 15 seconds videos. In the short duration, you must grab visitors’ attention till the video ends. So, use the content which already has more engagement and visibility on your other social media platforms. This content can get a higher engagement rate. If you have already recorded a video of product demos and your followers, make any video about your product, share them to build credibility.

Behind The Scenes (BTS)

Share with your audiences on a typical day at your office and show them how to manufacture your product. And also, share your failure and mistakes. These things give an authentic look to your brand. These things help to connect them with your brand and convert them to customers.

You could share a sneak peek about your employee, like their birthday celebration in your workplace, and they have fun at work which helps to let the audiences know about how you are treating your employees. In addition, these things build your brand’s trustworthiness and humanize your brand.

Wrapping up

There is no better opportunity to share content that covers all the angles of your brand information with interest and entertainment, and so Reels are the right place for marketing your product. Reels can help to create brand awareness and engage a wider audience for your business.