How To Promote Your Brand On IGTV:5 Terrific Ways

IGTV is a useful feature on Instagram, which is allowed to upload videos for up to 1 hour. IGTV is a long-form vertical platform launched by Instagram and is accessible only from Instagram. IGTV is an independent app, which is interconnected with the Instagram platform. You can notice many users, content creators, brands looking forward to using this platform. It is one of the best online video stages to create engaging videos. It is easy for marketers to share brand stories through this platform. Using IGTV, brands can gain lots of benefits to increase engagement, build brand awareness, and connect with their potential customers. 

In this article, let’s learn a few significant ways to use IGTV for brand promotion.  

Do Tutorials On How To Use Your Products 

Tutorial type of content is popular when it comes to brand promotion. Generally, tutorial content requires more than 15 seconds to deliver its message. Brands find it difficult to share all their information within 15 seconds. After the entry of IGTV, it’s effortless for the audience to create teaching videos. 

On the other hand, educating forms of videos are really useful to your audience. Makeup brands are creating makeup sessions, clothing brands are coming up with styling the outfits videos. Like relying on your brand or business, frame your content under this topic. Also, share more information about your industry, which influences your audience to engage with your brand. 

Create Q&A Sessions

Many people are showing more interest in sharing their opinions, feedbacks about your content or business. They like to be involved in everything, even in the making of your product. Actually, you can divide a Q & A session into two parts: one is for your product launch, in this session your audience will give suggestions, opinions regarding your product. And another session is to answer your audience question. Trust, it works well; moreover, it will bring lots of engagement and audience attention. This way, you can promote your brand among your audience. Keep in mind; all your answers must indirectly influence your brand. 

Post More Behind-The-Scenes 

Remember, to promote your brand, you don’t need polished, most edited, or scripted content. Moreover, polished content will make a brand seem fake. Did you know? Unfiltered model’s faces with no makeup, raw sounds, messy offices are quite effective. And those things are really worth it when it comes to brand promotion. 

Try to post more behind-the-scenes, which helps to gain more engagement rate. As a result, you will obtain instant engagement with IGTV comments and get more popularity. You can do behind-the-scenes on how your product is made, interacting with your colleagues, and any function and meetings. Always put your efforts into sharing something that makes the audience laugh and raise their eyebrows. 

Partner With An Influencers 

Already, influencing marketing is a big hit on Instagram. In IGTV also, you can partner with an influencer to get more exposure to your brand. You can host an interview with your influencer, like discussing your industry, field. On the other hand, you can ask funny, rapid-fire questions to make the session enjoyable. While choosing influencers, ensure they belong to your industry and enough engagement rate. 

Share User-Generated Content

Trust me, user-generated content is the most effective content to promote your brand among your audience. Moreover, it will generate trust and authenticity for your brand. So, encourage your audience to share their reviews on your product. 

Winding Up

IGTV will provide you with many effective ways to attract your potential audience to engage with your brands or products. Through IGTV, you can either entertain or educate your audience; both are possible. And able to build a strong community around your brand. I hope these tips will help with your brand promotion on IGTV. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

Start Building A Ultimate Guide To Begin Your Instagram Advertising


Today, the social media platform is a massive network. As an ever-changing landscape that provides enormous chances for both primary users and marketers. Anyhow, Instagram’s very few sufficient quality also means several factors maintain the business’s tracking process. 

Here, statistics make use of different social media platforms for reasons. And while Baby Boomers and Gen X might be working on Facebook if you wish to reach after the millennials and younger set of audiences. You might check on Instagram. Hence how does advertising work on Instagram? And why do you need to put your advertising efforts? Let’s check out here. 

How Ads Differs On Instagram?

Every social media platform works in several methods. Twitter, say, for example, works widely through reducing the number of text people use to generate short, brief comments. In contrast, Facebook works by linking families and friends to share their photos and things of likes and favoritism. 

Instagram focuses on mobile multi-media audiences. Today, smartphones have put a high-quality camera into the hands of millions of familiar people. As a fact, 77% of Americans now possess a smartphone massively, with 35% comparatively from 2011. That’s too many people attempting to take photos or even shoot videos at a candid moment. 

Instagram checked these trends and made a social media platform, particularly for sharing videos and images. Not only Instagram made and improvised from the base to work effectively by using mobile phones. Yet, it also supports building and shares smartphone media. Hence, your focus market needs to be smartphone centered audiences, where Instagram is a precious channel. 

Starting With Instagram Ads:

Today, we have got the accurate numbers, understood your audiences, and also proper analytics. So, it’s the best time to begin advertising on Instagram. Initially, you need to know how advertising on Instagram works. 

While comparing other social media platforms, Instagram serves its audiences effectively by activating them to link with others. Apart from Twitter or Facebook, Instagram filters the videos that make the users check depending on various factors, such as the sorted list of families, friends, and connections that a user might have and viral videos or images that float on the top feed page. By the reflection of prominence that audiences keep sharing and watching it regularly. 

Select Right Instagram Ads for Content:

Today, we know that you need to advertise on Instagram, and you may even see that audience wants to check that too. It’s time to pick the right method of delivery. Always remember, Instagram is a visual-centric, mobile social media platform. Audiences best check it on mobile phones and devices, who have their fascination towards videos and images. 

Hence, you need to ensure that anything you advertise shows up with effective results on the platform. If you wish to write detailed text-based content, then you need to be looking somewhere else. 

Make Effective Story Ads:

Are you eager to grow your Instagram visibility? Then the best option is to engage with buy Instagram impressions to outrank your reach on your feed page. Instagram has high-quality features known as Stories, where the audience can attach their images collectively to make a temporary narrative story, which stays within 24 hours. Instagram lets advertisers attach their ads to these stories for another chance to reach out to the market. 

Bright Photograph Ads:

The audience is addicted to visual stuff; hence if you have a product that photographs well, such as clothing, food, or even hardware. The simplicity of a photo image can effectively work and do wonders. 

Video Ads:

Audiences might be looking at some commercials on T.V., yet the video is alive and well on Instagram. It’s possible to even suggest inserting video content that people can look at on the platform. A fresh offshoot option is Instagram T.V. or IGTV, which lets for longer duration content. More regularly manage videos or even TV programs. 


Learn about the Reels on the Instagram straight competitor of the biggest social media app TikTok, find what Reels are, and how to use the Reels, and tricks and tips that are used for promoting your brands and personality with the Instagram Reels. Instagram reels are in the form of content that will allow you to make 15 seconds videos and share that video with some others in the new Feed on the Explore Page. It is one of the attempts to compete with the social media platform is buying Instagram Reels likes, which is aimed to create a short form of video creations and that is popular especially for Gen Z.  it was launched firstly in late 2019 in Brazil, and then now it is available for more than fifty other countries, that includes Japan, Australia, Canada, the  UK, and the USon both the Android devices and iOS. Instagram Reels have gained more popularity and positive responses from the brands and influencers despite being criticized as a copycat of TikTok. Most of the creators on Instagram said that they are planned to do an experiment with the Instagram Reels with having their TikTok presence. Brands like Beardbrand, Walmart, and Sephora are using the Reels already. 


Instagram reels offer you a collection of creative editing and some other tools to create an engaging and funfilled short form of video clips on Instagram, which is much more like the TikTok platform. You can record a video and edit a video that up to fifteen seconds multiple clip Reel video having various kinds of stickers, special effects, different texts, and various audio, then share the videos with your audiences. The TikTok platform and Instagram’s Reels platform have the same essence. That providing the audiences with a great creative space for creating content and share short-form video clips with your audiences, they are coming up with great options that will allow the users to create better short-form video clips.


A special new great feature that is inside the overarching ecosystem on Instagram is Reels. And TikTok is a platform. Instagram users can create a 15-second video only on Reels. In TikTok, users can create one-minute videos. Reels can be shared with the Instagram stories that will become invisible after twenty-four hours. But in TikTok, all videos remains sta on the platform. Uploading from the local file and duets are not supported currently on Instagram Reels. But in TikTok, users can make a duet with each other and directly upload songs and dialogues into the system of the application.


Now more than fifteen billion users use Instagram as a social media marketing tool for their brands and businesses. Your strategy for Instagram marketing will is miss or little hit without the analytics. You can get tons of information and data with the help of Instagram analytics for understanding how to business is performing on the platform and how one can improve your brand’s results. There are 28 Instagram insights and Instagram metrics that use to improve and measure your performance. A wide range of insights and metrics are provided by Instagram for you to improve the Instagram marketing results, understanding your audiences, and measuring your performances. Receive Instagram reach is one of the marketing strategy for your business growthness.  The native analytics of Instagram provide you with these insights and metrics or other analytics tools of Instagram. The number of comments and the number of followers are the levels one metric. The engagement rate and the growth of the followers have calculated metrics; these are the level two metrics. 28 insights and metrics of Instagram are 

  • profile – branded hashtags,  mentions,  posts, email clicks, call clicks,  website clicks,  profile views,  rhea, impressions, and followers count. 
  • Audience – followers per day, followers per hour, top locations, age, and gender.
  • Posts – views, engagement, saved, comments, likes, reach, and impressions.
  • Stories – people insights, replies, exits, reach, and impressions.
  • Live – viewers, and live viewers.


  • Branded hashtags – the total number of posts on Instagram with your branded hashtags
  • Mentions – the total no. of mentioned Instagram posts on your Instagram handle
  • Posts  – the total number of posts published by you on Instagram
  • Email clicks and call clicks  – the total no. of taps to email or call to your business
  • Website click – the total no. of taps on the website link on your bio in your profile
  • Profile views – the total number of times your profile was viewed
  • Reach – the total number of individual accounts that saw your any of the posts
  • Impressions –  all your posts are seen in the total number of times
  • Followers counts – the total number of fans following your account on Instagram


  • Followers per Days: when your followers are most active on the days of the week.
  • Followers per Hours: The average times in the metric of hours your fans are on Instagram based on each and every day of the week.
  • Top locations: The top five countries and cities where your fans are.
  • Top locations: The top five countries and cities where your fans are.
  • Age: The distribution of your followers based on their age (65+, 55-64, 45-54 13-17, 25-34, 35-44, 18-24 )
  • Gender: The distribution of your followers based on their gender, women, or men.


  • People insights: The total count of individual accounts that have seen a particular video or photo in your Instagram story. 
  • Replies: The total count of the number of replies to a particular video or photo in your Instagram story.
  • Exits: The total count of individual accounts exited your story.
  • Reach The total count of individual accounts that saw a particular video or photo in your Instagram story.

Promising Hacks To Enhance Your Instagram Story Count

Instagram is becoming more popular; it keeps on modifying its features to achieve more optimized. Many people are engaged with Instagram stories and spending their time on video content. Many business people, influencers, and content creators focus on Instagram to enhance their business brand and sales rate. Here let us discuss the promising hacks to enhance your instagram story count.

Build Visual Content

The research study shows that the engagement rate is higher in video content than normal posts. So increase your video content on your Instagram story, post lots of visual content. Make sure you are creating an impressive and quality video. Use mild music on your video to create engagement and connect with your posts. Construct a video that matches your brand or industry.

Include Appropriate Hashtags 

Hashtags are one of the most excellent ways to give more exposure and brand awareness to your account. Make Sure to use limited hashtags for one post; don’t overboard with lots of hashtags. It is significant to use relevant hashtags that speak about your product or brand or industry.

 Construct individual hashtags for your brand. You can find popular or trending hashtags with the tools and look at those websites. If you are worried about more followers count, remember engagement is the key to everything. In this competitive Instagram app, it’s good to have fewer followers with more connectivity. If you are looking to heighten your Instagram story reach, then this will be the best option. Yes, Instagram Story Views to potentially grow your views and gain this as social proof. It helps to retain organic followers for your account.

Increase Interactions Rate

Value your follower’s time and their responses towards your account. Make sure you have replied to all their interactions. Like giving likes to their comments, try to provide answers to their feedback. Because comments are an effective method for them to ask product related, doubt questions after the Dm chats. To end these issues, try to construct more polls to ask your brands or industry questions. So that they can express their opinion, feedbacks about your product. Polls also help to know about your followers completely, that is their preference, favorite product. In Poll, you can also ask suggestions, improvement about your content, product. You can also ask their opinion about your upcoming new launch, about events or meetings. So that people will feel happy and recognized when they are part of your work.

Super Active In Story

Your Instagram story is like an information center to your followers. They are from different regions, followed by different cultures. Your Instagram story should drag your followers to connect with your story. Attachment is a significant factor in story content. Post at least four to five stories regularly. It helps to grow your views rate.

Instagram Story Is Now Daily Part Of Your Life

Instagram story feature is like saying good morning with having tea to saying good night after dinner. You can showcase your every minute activities which attract your followers. This way of practice inspires your followers to fix time for their actions and love themselves.