Using Humidifier And Air Purifier In The Same Room: Is It Safe?

There is no better way to make the atmosphere around your house healthier than using an air purifier and a humidifier. Both the devices offer astounding benefits such as improving the quality of the air you breathe, easing various complication and diseases as well as reducing the effects of several pathogens in your home air. However, if you are looking forward to maximizing the humidifier baby benefits, it is vital to use both the air purifier and a humidifier in one room simply because they are not the same. Air purifiers’ works best to keep allergens away from the hair you breathe hence useful for a person who has breathing complications such as asthma and more. Humidifier, on the other hand, is known to maintain the moisture at a required level reducing the effects dry air such as colds, flu, sinus, dry skin and more. The question is, is it safe to use both the devices in the same room? Well, it depends on how you are planning to use them. However, here is a brief overview of how the two devices work.HUMIDIFIER AND AIR PURIFIER

Understanding How Both The Humidifier And The Air Purifier Works

You should understand that an air purifier has a specific purpose different to the humidifier that involves purifying the air you breathe. A humidifier can offer the same benefits, but unlike air purifier, they won’t clear all the harmful particles in your home air. Humidifiers work best in adding moisture to the atmosphere inside your house. Apart from improving the quality of the air you breathe, proper levels of humidity also protect you and your kid against complications and ailments caused by microbes such as sinus, cold, and flu. As you can see, humidifiers also offer some benefits same to air purifiers, but not effectively. Using both the air purifier and humidifier in one room will simply mean purifying the air you breathe as well as adding the moisture to it vital for both the health of your baby and your health. Here are the benefits to expect.

Benefits Of Using Both The Air Purifier And Humidifier In One Room

Improved air quality

Low humidity and dry air levels common during a winter season brings discomfort. Low humidity in the atmosphere is known to cause several complications such as dry skin that can make you and your child uncomfortable. A combination of both humidifiers improves the air you breathe in several ways that includes adding moisture to the air you breathe as well as reducing the effects of harmful pathogens in your home air.

Protects your furniture and property

Dry air is known to cause cracks in wooden furniture and the worst part, encourages wearing out of metal appliances parts. This might be costly as it reduces the lifespan of both your appliances as well as furniture that might force you to spend some large sums of money on repair and replacements.

Discourages breeding of harmful microbes in your home air

Dry air and low humidity levels are also known to encourage the accumulation of pathogens as well as allergens in your home air. The pathogens and allergens are known for several diseases such as colds and flu. For a person with breathing complications or a kid at a tender age, this might be too dangerous. Most of the time doctors recommend either the humidifier or the air purifier. However, for better results, combining the two works best.

As you can see, using both the air purifier and humidifier offers great health benefits. They work best to improve the air you breathe, destroy harmful allergens as well as to protect your furniture. However, just like using any other device, it is vital that you watch out for the dangers they can impose. To use both the air purifier and humidifier safely here is a brief overview of some of the things you must watch out for.

How To Safely Use Both Humidifier And Air Purifier Safely

Place the devices safely

When you decide to go for devices such as warm mist humidifiers, you must be aware that such a devices boil water before dispersing warm mist into your home air. If you are clumsy or have kids that like to play with everything they come across, you should be more cautious when positioning such devices as they can simply cause burns when tipped over. You can do this by simply placing them far away from kid’s reach.

Measure the level of humidity

Humidity is only useful when maintained at proper levels. They should neither be too low or too high. Low humidity will encourage several complications as mentioned earlier in the article. One intriguing fact is that high humidity may also encourage the growth of other pathogens such as molds and more. The only way to ensure your humidifier is functioning properly is to measure the level of humidity. You can achieve this by buying a hygrometer or buying a humidifier with adjustable humidity levels.

Watch out for shocks

Any appliance that uses electricity can cause an electric shock and air purifiers are not exceptional. An air purifier is known to produce high-voltage of static electricity charge inside the device. This might be hazardous when placed close to metal appliances or objects.


Is using both the humidifier and the air purifier in one room safe? The truth is, it depends on how you plan to use it. You can’t use both the devices wrongly and expect good results. Just like any other appliance, both the humidifier and the air purifier can cause accidents such as shocks, burns and more. They may also fail to offer their intended benefits. The only way to ensure you are using such appliances safely is to follow instructions strictly. So, is using both the humidifier and the air purifier in one room safe? Yes, but only when used correctly.

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