Discover How Do Ultrasonic Humidifiers Work

From the term itself, a humidifier aims to solve the problems of having dry air in your room, especially during the cold season.

There are different types of humidifiers, I would like to discuss then one by one before you can appreciate how do ultrasonic humidifiers work.

Starting with the cool and warm mist humidifiers, they are responsible for converting the temperature of mist depending on what you need. Cool mist humidifiers produces cool mist, and warm mist humidifiers produces warm mist. It is that simple.

Giving you a more detailed explanation, cool mist humidifiers are great with huge spaces contrary to warm mist humidifiers. The latter is highly recommended if your aim is to sooth discomforts brought about by respiratory illnesses such as sinusitis and colds.

Ever heard of ultrasonic humidifiers? They might sound too futuristic or techy, but the main purpose is to create a cool fog in your room.

Just like that, there are also impeller humidifiers which use diffuser to create water mists from water. Another type is the evaporative humidifier which promotes air moisture absorption to create water ultrasonic humidifier

How do Ultrasonic Humidifiers Work

Ultrasonic Humidifiers are basically under the main category cool mist humidifiers; however, there are up-to-date technologies that allow the machine of ultrasonic humidifiers to emit both cool and warm mist.

Since ultrasonic humidifiers are expected to produce cool mists, you might expect that it technically share the same mechanism with evaporative humidifier – don’t. Unlike warm mist humidifiers, these groups have their own parts that give them their special features.

This question can be further explained by discussing the different parts of ultrasonic and their respective roles.

Ultrasonic Humidifier Parts

Water Reservoir

This is where you will be placing 1-gallon of water which the system will transform into a mist. The amount of water you can put in the reservoir can depend on the brand of ultrasonic humidifier.

Transducer system

This consists of the transducer which creates the vibration which is set at an ultrasonic speed. This is the specialized part of the machine that makes it unique compared to other humidifiers.

This transducer system works as it create pressure waves. The pressure continuously increase until it reaches the point where it can transform the water into finer forms (known as the mist).

Control panel

This portion of the humidifier allows the user to control certain settings such as the speed of the fan or the amount of mist to be expelled by the mechanical fan.

Metal Diaphragm with or without Mechanical Fan

This part of the system allows humidified air to be distributed in the entire room. Please note that most ultrasonic humidifiers does not have fans at all – this allows the machine to be quieter compared to others.

Concerns When Using Ultrasonic Humidifiers

After talking about the mechanism behind ultrasonic humidifiers, it is important to give you a discussion about the things that might make some users anxious when using this product

The Need to Use Distilled Water

Remember the time wherein people were instructed to drink filtered or purified water and do away with the water from the tap? This is because we received a warning saying that the water from our bathroom and kitchen faucets may contain minerals and even medications which can be hazardous to our health.

That is the same issue we are dealing with when we use water that is not purified in our ultrasonic humidifiers. Bear in mind that this type of machine does not contain filter wicks. Therefore, the minerals can be propelled or distributed into the air through the mist.

The Presence of White Dust

To continue the discussion above, you will eventually notice that your room will have white dust all over. Please do not get me wrong, these white products are the by-products of the minerals in the water which can be prevented by using distilled water. This is not be toxic in general; however, people with respiratory conditions and allergic reactions are advised to avoid it as much as possible.

Why Buy Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Low maintenance

Since ultrasonic humidifier does not contain wick filters, it does not necessitate thorough and frequent cleaning. Thus, you will have time to do things which are more important for you.

Less electricity is used

One advantage of using cool mist humidifiers is that it can have bigger area coverage for the mist it distributes such as in a large room ultrasonic humidifier. With this being said, it will not require more power to distribute the humidified air farther.

On top of that, it does not also boil water (which is another process that requires lots of power) compared to warm mist humidifiers.


Ultrasonic Humidifiers does not make hot water steams. Hence, you will not have to worry if you have kids at home.