How to Use Hot Rollers

Why You Need Hot RollersOne of the easiest ways to achieve perfect curls is to with the use of hot rollers. Unfortunately, a lot of women are not aware of how to use hot rollers in the right way. Remember that no matter how expensive or high tech your hot rollers, you still won’t get that beautiful bouncy wave if you don’t know how to use this device.

A hot roller is perhaps one of the best hair styling devices that every girl should own these days. The rollers are like heating cylinders that use heat in producing curls in your hair. A typical set of hot rollers comes with a clip, a case or a box, and the hot roller device itself. Depending on the brand and the type of hot roller that you will buy, the price would vary although it should be somewhere between $30 and $60.

Although different brands of hot rollers have different features, they all work in the same way. Before you decide to purchase a hot roller, it may be worth it to first learn how to use hot rollers. That way, you can decide for yourself if you’re capable of using it in styling your hair.

Steps To Using the Hot Rollers

Here are some of the most basic steps to using the hot rollers in creating beautiful curls.

  • Step One – plug the hot roller in order to heat it up. Grab a heat protection spray and spritz some of it to your dry and clean hair. Make sure you comb your hair well before spraying. Afterward, divide your hair to three different sections with the use of the clips that should come along with the hot roller that you buy.
  • Step Two – section your hair and clip most of the hair up. Leave only a small section of your hair down.
  • Step Three – divide the rest of your hair in half and clip one side out.
  • Step Four – place the heated roller below the hair and about halfway down your hair length. Wrap your hair’s bottom half around the hot roller.
  • Step Five – secure your hair in place using a roller pin.
  • Step Six – repeat the process for the other side of your hair. This time around, place the roller above the hair so all of the hair curls will be in a similar direction.
  • Step Seven – continue curling your hair section by section and doing both sides of the hair and towards the top.
  • Step Eight – apply hairspray into your curled hair.
  • Step Nine – leave the rollers in your hair for up to 45 min.
  • Step Ten – take the pin one by one to unravel your curls and gently brush your hair. Fix with a hairspray if needed.

Why You Should Buy a Hot Roller?

Now that you knew the steps on how to use hot rollers, you might find yourself wondering if the device is really worth investing for. If you wanted to achieve beautiful and bouncy curls fast, then the hot rollers would be a great investment. The device is usually available in a set where you can simply plug to an electric socket for up to 10 minutes in order to heat. They are usually made of ceramic and are available in three different sizes – small, medium, and large. You can use different sizes depending on the type of curls that you want to achieve, from bouncy waves to tight ringlets.

Some of the hot roller sets have lights that will indicate if they are already heated and ready for use. Others come with a dot at the roller that will produce a different color when heated. Once the device is heated, they will be able to retain the heat for up to 15 min and will slowly cool down to give your hair long lasting curls. The set of hot rollers that you will choose will usually come with a temperature control setting, which makes them suitable for different types of hair. Most of the sets also include hair clips and pins, which keeps the rollers in place while they heat your hair in order to produce curls.

What Do the Hot Rollers Do?

Just like the traditional hair rollers, the hot rollers work by producing big bouncy waves or tighter curls, depending on the size of the roller that you will use. The biggest benefit of using the hot roller over the traditional rollers is that you’ll be able to achieve curls faster and with less effort. Of course, knowing how to use hot rollers the right way is also important in order to achieve the type of curl that you wanted.

The type of curl that the hot rollers are able to produce will pretty much depend upon the length of your hair, the heat that the rollers produce and the amount of time that you will leave the rollers in your hair. Furthermore, the size of the hair sections that you will curl could also affect the type of curl that you will produce.

In order to create soft and wavy curls, you should go for the large rollers and set it at a low temperature. Leave the rollers in your hair for up to 10 min. If you want tighter curls, then use the smaller rollers and set it at a higher temperature. Leave the rollers in your hair for up to 20 min.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand how the hot rollers work and how it can help you to achieve beautiful curls. This hair styling device is not really too complicated to use. As stated above, the steps on how to use hot rollers are pretty straightforward so even if you have not used any type of hair roller before, you should be able to manage to curl your hair without the help of any professional.

The hot roller is indeed a great investment. With this device, you no longer need to pay for expensive hair styling fees just to achieve bouncy curls whenever you need to attend a special occasion.