How Do I Choose the Best Foot Moisturizer

Having dry and scaly feet is not only unsightly but can also be very uncomfortable. The itchiness plus the possibility of having infections can be a major issue especially when your feet get exposed to various elements most of the time.

Luckily, there are a lot of foot moisturizers and foot creams readily available in the market today. However, you also need to be discerning as to what type of products will go well to a certain type of skin, what product is best for what ailments, foot cream

How do you choose the right foot moisturizer?

If you do not know where to start in treating your foot problem, here are some basic podiatry tips and foot care advises that will help you.

First off, check the condition of your feet. Dry, scaly and cracked heels require best foot creams to help smoothen the skin. Most foot creams are basically there to help moisturize and hydrate the skin. People with diabetes also need foot creams or moisturizer specifically formulated for them.

Next, your budget. Not all foot moisturizers are priced equally. It is very vital that you consider your budget when buying a foot moisturizer. Although pricey brands may not automatically mean effective, most of these brands however contain all-natural ingredients that may meet many requirements. For example, high end foot moisturizers with various essential oils may combat more foot ailments like foot pain, infections and relieve inflammation, as compared to lesser known brands having one to none essential oil. It is best if you could sample an expensive foot moisturizer first before buying.

Third, check on high drugstore brands too. Believe it or not, a lot of drugstore brands are just as effective as its department store brand counterpart. Most of these foot moisturizer brands have the same ingredients usually found in high end brands. You can also check with your local beauty store what foot moisturizers are popular.

Lastly, consider what your feet actually need. Are your feet dry and needs little pampering? A moisturizing cream with peppermint may do the trick. Peppermint is usually found in creams and moisturizers because of its cooling sensation and can be used even on sensitive skin. But if you are having serious issues like thick calluses or cracked heels, maybe you need a rich moisturizing cream to help you out. And since most of these products are post shower and pre-bedtime rituals, it is best if you could get a foot moisturizer that would work well with special socks. A sock with silicone at the heels can help trap moisture more effectively giving your feet, especially at your heels more moisturized, preventing it from being dry and cracked.  Otherwise, if you are having badly cracked heels and bleeding skin, it is best to see your doctor. They may recommend medicated foot cream for your condition.

More Tips

If you are suffering from diabetes, chances are you could also be suffering from dry skin not only on your hands but on your feet as well. When untreated, the dryness can result to cracked heels and may do more damage like serious infections, and may eventually lead to amputation. Thus, it is imperative that you keep your feet moisturized and at the same time sanitized. It is vital that you choose the right foot moisturizer for your condition.

There are foot creams and moisturizers formulated for people with diabetes. These foot moisturizers are usually not greasy and leave no residue. It does not cause one’s feet to sweat more causing more bacteria to thrive and can result to more serious issues.

Most of these products are also anti-fungal and antibacterial, and are perfect for people suffering from eczema, corns and keratosis.

People with scaly and smelly feet may use foot moisturizers containing tea tree oil and/or eucalyptus oil. These essential oils are known for their antibacterial properties, helpful in fighting bacteria that causes bad foot odor. Moisturizers with pleasant and natural scent like lavender may also help in controlling foul odor. Again, when symptoms persist, always consult your podiatrist or doctor.

However, if you are one of those lucky people who just need a bit of foot massage or pampering, then consider getting foot moisturizers that you can use as often as you want without the icky feel and residues.

If you want to your feet to be supple and smooth while massaging it to relieve pain, buy feet moisturizers that contains homeopathic pain relieving ingredients like peppermint, arnica Montana, tea tree oil and ginko biloba. These all-natural essential oils can alleviate pain and at the same give you smoother skin.


Our feet needs proper care and attention just like the rest of our body. There are foot creams and moisturizers to help your feet look and feel great. There are even products that would help your feet smell fresh and good. Regardless of the problems that your feet have, there are creams and moisturizers specifically designed for it.

Dry and cracked heels can be remedied using rich and moisturizing foot creams, while those suffering from foot pains can find help in topical relief creams loaded with essential oils, guaranteed to lessen if not alleviate the pain.

Foot creams and moisturizers are readily available in all trade channels. From the high streets to your local drugstores, up to the internet, these foot products are available for people needing them.

The price of these products may vary from one brand to another, but the fact remains that it should contain the ingredients necessary to combat dryness, trap moisture and hydrates the skin of your foot. And while there are a lot of foot remedies readily available, it is still best to take good care of our feet by using moisturizers to keep them supple and healthy.

Before you go and buy any foot moisturizers, it is highly recommended that you test it on your skin first, preferably on your hands, to check if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Nonetheless, hypoallergenic moisturizers are also available if you cannot find any brand that suits your skin type.