How to Use Ceramic Flat Iron for Different Hair Types

Looking for the best flat iron for black hair can become difficult for women especially with the various brands and types sold in the market. Different types of flat irons will also have different effects on your hair and how you use it. In this article, we will discuss the uses of ceramic iron as one of the best flat iron black hair.ceramic flat iron

Is Ceramic the Best Flat Iron for Black Hair?

Ceramic flat irons are now one of the best options in the flat iron market. You should know that there is a difference between ceramic flat irons from a flat iron that is only coated with ceramic. Ceramic coated flat irons heat faster because of the metal plates underneath. However, full ceramic flat irons have the ability to maintain heat steadily without causing excessive heat on the hair.

The first step in finding the right flat iron is by knowing your hair type. Saving a little on purchasing a cheap flat iron that will not work for your hair can cause long term damage. Ceramic flat irons, unlike inexpensive metal flat irons, conduct heat evenly while also adding a glossy shine to the hair due to the negative ions that help lock moisture.

Using Ceramic Iron for Different Hair Types

Ceramic irons come in different plate sizes and you should consider this when buying. For those who have short hair, a 1 inch wide flat iron can work well and can be easily manageable. For those who have medium to long hair, can choose from 1 ½ inch to wider sizes.

Fine Hair

Individuals who have fine hair should stick to using ceramic flat iron since this hair type can easily become damaged. When using your ceramic flat iron on fine hair, heating it up from 200 to 300 degrees can straighten your hair effectively.

Medium Hair

For those who have medium hair that can get frizzy, setting your ceramic flat iron up to 350-400 degrees will let it effectively straighten and style your hair.

Wiry and Coarse or Curly Hair

Women who have coarse and wiry hair should set their ceramic flat iron to 410-450 degrees. Letting it heat up will prevent you from repetitively going through your hair and exposing it to unnecessary friction.

Dry and Damaged Hair

Simply put, if you have dry and damaged hair you should avoid using any type of flat iron to prevent further damage. If you really need to use a flat iron, set it in low heat and use hair serum or heat protecting formula.

Using a Ceramic Iron for Black Hair

Using a ceramic iron for black hair is not much different for other hair types and colors. The difference lies on the treatment done on the hair before and after to ensure that your hair is protected. Black curly hair can be very porous so it is advisable to use a hair moisturizer before and after use. Unlike straight and wavy hair, curly hair requires a longer amount of time when straightening so a thermal protector on the hair should be used. In this manner, it is best to use a 100% ceramic flat iron that will not dry and damage the hair further.


  • Ceramic flat irons heat up quickly in seconds
  • Fast heating time reduces heat damage on the hair
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Gives hair a healthy shine
  • Prevents hair frizz
  • Great for straightening hair
  • Has negative ions that help lock in moisture


  • Some ceramic irons in stores are not made with pure ceramic but are only ceramic-plated

When to try another flat iron

All flat irons will wear away in time, especially with constant use. A ceramic flat iron’s non-ceramic plating will get exposed in time and still using this can lead to damage to your hair. Using an exposed non-ceramic plate can cause extreme heat exposure and snagging on your hair. When your ceramic flat iron is no longer heating properly, has huge scratches and its metal plate is already exposed, you should greatly consider purchasing a new flat iron.

Another reason in looking for another flat iron is when your current flat iron is not giving you the best results that you are looking for. Having to use your flat iron on your hair for a long period of time just to get the results that you want can greatly damage your hair due to long exposure to heat. You should have a flat iron that lets you style or straighten your hair at the smallest amount of time possible to prevent hair damage.


Ceramic flat irons that are sold nowadays have greatly improved from their older versions that can greatly damage the hair. It is important to find the right type and size of ceramic flat iron for black hair to achieve the best hair straightening and styling that you want. When used correctly on your specific hair type, ceramic flat irons can bring your hair great results. By following these tips, you can find your best flat iron for black hair.