How to Choose the Best Rotating Hot Air Brush

best hot air brush

To be able to sport a soft, smooth hair, you need to up your game. And one of the best ways to achieve it is to use hair styling tools that will make the work fast, efficient, and easy. You’ll need the best hot air brush.

A rotating hot air brush can give your hair a look that is the closest possible look from a salon. The advantage of using this tool is that you can make your hair look fabulous by just using it at the comfort of your home. What it does is drying your hair by blowing hot air while there’s a rotating barrel that spins to make your hair become straighter, giving it a full volume and a shiny look.

What’s great about this hair device is its ability to let your result remain for up to two to three days if you keep away from too much humidity.

Buying a rotating hot air brush may be a bit challenging, though, because you may find yourself having a tough time. With so many brands that can be bought in stores and online stores, you may be confused as of what product is the best product to choose.

Below are the things that you need to take note when buying rotating hot air brush:best hot air brush

1. Check the barrel size

There are many sizes of rotating hot air brushes. Depending on the level of volume to your hair that you want to achieve, the size is different. For a hot air brush that is small (around ¾ inch), you’ll achieve a small curl, while a medium brush (around 1 inch) will give you a medium curl. Larger hot air brushes may expectedly provide your hair a much satisfying volume.

If your hair is short, the best hot air brush for you is the small brush. People with longer length of hair will be much suited for long brushes. Long brushes, in addition, will also work well when it comes to strengthening locks that are curly.

2. Check the type

Rotating hot air brushes have three different types: ceramic, chrome, and tourmaline. The cheapest of them all is chrome. However, its surface is rough and it may cause tangling, breakage, and snagging to the hair. Chrome will also take it a bit longer to heat up compared to other types of hot air brushes.

Ceramic brushes, on the other hand, will cost you more since they are much more expensive. However, they are the types of air hot brushes that will heat up way quickly and evenly and you could not expect any hotspots while using them. Ceramic brushes also glide through hair easily. They don’t cause friction, preventing your hair from developing snagging and breakage.

One of the perks of using ceramic brushes is they have the ability to emit negative ions, making your hair tangle-free, smoother, and shinier.

Among the three types of rotating hot air brushes, tourmaline brushes are the most expensive type. But for a good reason. Unlike the two types, they deliver the work more quickly because they heat up pretty fast. They also release more negative ions compared to ceramic hot air brushes.

3. Check the heat settings

When heat is provided to the hair, it makes such a huge difference. Heat makes the hair soft because it breaks the hydrogen bonds. When this happens, it will be much easier for you to do the styling. To be able to choose a good rotating hot air brush when you are shopping, find out if the product comes with temperature controls. The reason for this is that it will be easier for you to adjust the heat according to your hair type.

Choose the type which has maximum heat settings. If your hair is thick and coarse, then the temperature that you need is higher. If your hair is thin, however, then you can opt for the product that has a lower temperature with it. Using a product that has a higher temperature when your hair is thin will potentially damage your hair.

In any case, you might want to consider a brush dryer that is powered at 900 watts or more. This is to attain an exceptional, long-lasting result that you want.

4. Check the bristles

Take note that bristles should always be gentle but has a good grip on your hair. A good hair brush dryer should also have cold tips in order to prevent getting your scalp burned and making your hair damaged.

5. Check for the grip

Make sure that the rotating hot air brush’s handle should fit comfortably in your arms. In addition, it should also provide a good traction so it will not slip off your hand while you are using it.

Rotating Hot Air Brush products you might want to consider

1. Conair BC178 InfinitiPro Spin Air Rotating Styler

This product provides more ions, making the hair a lot smoother and shinier. It has a lot of pros including its multi-directional feature that can perform equally even if you don’t spin it. The product comes in two barrel size versions: 2-inch barrel and 1 ½ inch barrel. The 2-inch barrel will work well with medium to long hair while the 1 ½ inch barrel will work well with shorter hair.

2. Revlon Perfect Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Spin Brush 2”

This product is one of the newest products in the market. It’s way cheaper compared to Conair InfinitiPro but it comes with surprising features such as its 900 watts which are higher than Conair. A much higher wattage provides more blow-drying power so it is pretty much a great advantage. The drying time of this hot air brush is also way faster and its result is long lasting.


Remember that quality always beats quantity, so if you are looking for the best hot air brush that will satisfy you and give you the results that you want, always disregard the price but look further into its quality and features. What you pay is what you get, after all.