Best Bottom Load Water Dispenser – Buying guide for 2018

Best Bottom Load Water Dispenser

Be it at home or office, we need a water dispenser as one of the essential equipment’s that adds a lot of convincing to our lives and a good source of pure clean warm/cold drinking water.

There so many reason that have contributed to the popularity of water dispensers in the recent past. With a water dispenser no plumbing is required for its installation unless for a bottle less water dispensers. The other reason why water dispensers are so attractive is their compact in and can easily fit in any area of kitchen and office. The market offers a huge selection of water dispensers for every budget.

No expertise or technical know-how needed in installing one or even operating the machine.Best Bottom Load Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are available in various varieties, freestanding, tabletop, bottled, bottle less, bottle top loading and bottom load models.

Best bottom loading water dispenser has gained popularity in the recent days for its increased level of convenience compared to other water dispenser models. A bottom loading water dispenser there is no need to lift and flip the heavy water bottles some of which are 5 gallons, you just have to place water bottle at the base of the unit.

It’s a convenient model that looks better compared to other variants. The bottom loading water dispenser water bottle is concealed in the base compact.

Below Is Buying Guide for Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser in 2018

Bottom Loading Water Coolers

The best bottom loading water dispenser works similarly you the top loading water dispensers, only the loading bottles into the upper part of the machine to slip in the compact in the base of the water pumped up into reservoir. They are the best compared to the tradition water dispenser for saving the efforts of lifting the heavy water bottle and a presentable appearance.

A 5-gallon water bottle weighs 40+ pounds which are very tiring replacing one on the top bottle water dispenser. Bottom water cooler/dispenser relieves the burden to lift the bottle.

Bottom Loading Water Dispensers Set-Up

The dispensers are made from the same material as the top loading water. The only difference is the water pump that helps with drawing water up into the water tank although it adds on the unit weight. They are easily moved and flipped with ease just like top loading water dispenser. The biggest advantage of buying a bottom loading rather than top loading is the unit design; they’re much shorter and fit into more spaces.

Main Parts Of A Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The best bottom loading water dispenser comes with a probe assembly that is located inside the unit. It’s a handy feature connecting to the water bottle to the dispenser pump allowing water transfer both the hot and cold water tanks.

The bottom loading water dispensers have a probe hanger that helps to keep the probe assembly clean while changing bottles to avoid any contamination up to the tanks. For you convenience, it’s located inside the door at the top.

  • The probe assembles; connect the water bottle to the pump and the water reservoir.
  • The probe hunger allows you to keep the problem assembled clean while changing the water bottle.
  • The bottom loading water dispenser pump pumps water into the hot and cold water tanks.
  • The hot and cold water reservoir heats and chills water plus holding until it’s dispensed for use.

No Hassle Replacing Bottles with the Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

To operate a bottom loading water dispenser, open the cabinet, fit the nozzle inside the base to the water bottle, and slider the bottle into the base of the machine. The nozzle is connected to the water pump that activates automatically for ease of use. The whole bottle changing operation takes less than a minute.

Benefits of Primo Bottom Loading Cold Water Dispensers:

  • Eliminate the need to lift and flip 3-5 gallon water bottles that weight 25-45 lbs.
  • Reduce spills and potential accidents in your kitchen caused while replacing a used water bottle with a new water bottle.
  • Enhance your kitchen decor by creating a clean and tidy look
  • Highly efficient with a prestigious Energy Star certification

Bottom Loading Water Dispensers Water Quality

Regarding water quality the best bottom loading water dispenser uses the same water hugs as the top loading, thus water is just a clean and safe. Most bottom water dispenser such as the Primo Bottom Load Water Dispenser, chills water in a stainless-steel reservoir. Unlike plastic, steel doesn’t impart any flavors as well as odors to the water, so it comes out tasting clean and fresh.

Bottom Loading Water Dispensers Cost

The bottom water dispenser cost more than the top loading, although cost of operation is the same. On average the dispenser cost between $170-$300 and the costs of the water bottle.  The bottom loading dispenser is very effective as most units boast energy saving star rating. On average the dispenser uses 0.8 kW of electricity per day, thus you enjoy noticeable savings on your energy bill over the life of your water dispenser.

First of all, if you’ve already decided that you’re going to get the best bottom loading water dispenser, you should know that there are a lot of makes and designs for this particular brand, as well as sizes and shapes. Indeed it’s a revolutionary product that will be able to give you a very high quality service, but it will still boil down to your own preferences.

Will It Be More Convenient For You To Use Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser?

Will you be able to benefit from it in the long run and be responsible enough to maintain it properly in the coming years? Most importantly, do you have a budget for this kind of hot water dispenser and are you aware of the pros and cons? These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself. It’s important to get these things straight early on so you won’t have to worry about them later on. If you have more concerns, make sure that you write them down so you can ask the sales rep readily and you will be enlightened before you make your purchase.

The Bottom Line

If you’re buying a water dispenser for your home or for a small office, your best choice is probably a bottom loading water dispenser. They provide all the benefits of a top loading water dispenser without any of the drawbacks. They’re reasonably priced, easy to load, won’t spill or cause back stain. Installation is easy. You don’t have to contact a professional to set them up, and it’s this ease-of-use that makes bottom loading water dispensers such a bargain. You get all of the advantages of clean, fresh water without any major drawbacks of the other two dispensers.

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